You have questions? I have answers!
Visit the 'Work With Me' page for FAQ's on the Journey Through Grief program. 


What is Grief Support?

Grief Support is a gentle way of assisting you as you mourn your loss(es). At Loss & Love you can move at your own pace and be supported in a compassionate and empathetic healing environment.

My goal as a Grief Support Counselor is to listen with my heart, bear witness to your struggles, respect the disorder and confusion that can often come with loss, and walk alongside you on your grief journey. I am not here to fix, solve or mend; I am hear to listen, validate and support. You are not broken (though it may feel like that some days), so I am not here to fix you. Together, we can find ways to soften your grief and help you balance living with grieving.


I haven't lost a loved one. Is that okay?

Loss can look different for everyone. Pet loss, loss of a job, loss of an intimate relationship (death, divorce, separation, break up), loss of home (moving, fire, finances), loss of friendships, and loss of purpose and life direction...these are all life experiences that can bring on grief.

What can I expect from my grief support session?

It is normal to feel anxious or hesitant about attending your first grief support session. I want to ensure that you are feeling safe and comfortable when we meet. Our first session will ease you into the process and I will follow your lead as to what you are comfortable discussing.

My goal is that when you leave, your grief is a little lighter than before. We can meet over the phone, on zoom, via text or email - whatever makes you feel most comfortable.