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Certified Grief Support Counsellor

I am a Grief Educator, Certified Grief Support Counsellor, Registered Human Ecologist, and an EFT Tapping Practitioner. It has been an honor to work with those experiencing grief and loss, and empowering them to lean into their grief. As a widow, I am well acquainted with heartache and the long journey of grief. It is my heart-led mission to share tools, knowledge, and wisdom to help soften your grief and make the journey to healing a little easier.

Note: I am currently not offering 1:1 grief counselling sessions. Instead, I have the 10 -week Journey through Grief program available. Learn more here

Area of Expertise

Grief Support & Counselling:

- The loss of a loved one (spouse, friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or other significant relationship).

- Loss of home (moving, fire, finances)

- Pet death

- Job loss

- Loss of friendships

- Loss of purpose & life direction

I currently am offering a 10-week online program called Journey Through Grief. This self-paced program will empower you to encounter your grief and explore your unique loss. The goal is to help you gently work through your grief to find a place of hope and healing. Grief is normal, natural, and necessary.

I invite you into this 10-week exploration of your grief. Weekly reflections, exercises, and summaries will help you to anchor in the knowledge and wisdom gathered during each module.


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