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Journey Through Grief

Gently moving through your grief.

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Who is this program for?

This program is a good fit if:

You are ready to encounter your grief. 

You want to balance living with grieving.

You want to learn more about how to process your grief.

You are looking for information, tools & resources to help in your healing journey.

Program Overview

This program includes a 260 page workbook (don't let that intimidate you!) and weekly videos (ranging from 10 minutes to 42 minutes). Each module is designed to take you 30-60 minutes a week to complete. The module can be broken into smaller sections to complete in your own time (example: 10 minutes per day). The 10 modules are: 1.Understanding Your Grief 2.The Needs of Mourning 3.Caring For Your Grieving Body 4.Getting through the Grit of Grief 5.Healing the Relationship 6.Finding Calm in the Storm 7.Turning Inward 8.The Power of Ceremony 9.EFT Tapping for Grief 10.Searching for Meaning

All this for the price of one traditional counselling session. 
$199 for the 10 week program. 

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Will this course fix or cure
my grief?

Grief is not something to be fixed or cured. There is nothing wrong with grieving, though sometimes we are told otherwise. Through embracing our loss and actively mourning, we can soften the pain and heartache that grief brings. 

This course will empower you to ecounter your grief and work through the pain of your loss. With the knowledge and tools provided, you can learn to reconcile your grief and balance living with grieving.

For $199 you will feel more empowered to move through your grief. 

Will this program tell me what to do or how to feel?

Definitely not. In this program you will learn the most important thing: You are the expert of your grief story!

From the breadth of information and tools offered, you can take what resonates with you and feel free to leave the rest. In time you may find that things sit differently.

You are the expert. I am the guide.

For $199 you will be gently guided through your unique grief journey.

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Get Started Today

Don't put off encountering your grief any longer!
This 10-week program is $199 (the cost of one grief counselling session). You will walk away more confident in moving through your grief journey!

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